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white river rafting

Nepal is undoubtedly one of the best place in the world for rafting & kayaking. Surrounded by its mountain scenery and rivers shaped by them are challenges for white-water paddlers. A series of the world's most outstanding river journeys are found here. Ranging from steep gushing mountain streams to classic river floats and big-volume wilderness river expeditions offer great variety. All these combinations of spectacular rivers, culture, heritage and scenery makes Nepal an obvious river runner's destination.

White water rafting means cruising down a rushing river in an inflatable rubber raft or white water kayak over crashing waves & swirling rapids for the excitement of a lifetime. Nepal has earned a reputation as one of the best destinations in the world for white water rafting. The rivers of Nepal take travellers to the very heart of a magical land and is one of the most exciting ways of exploring Nepal's ancient cultures & unspoiled landscapes. Rising from the glaciers of the highest mountain range on earth and from the mysterious high plateau of Tibet the rivers plunge through narrow gorges and traverse their rugged foothills. Along its course the rivers passe through many life-zones travelling through alpine meadows, sub-tropical forests & the lush tropical jungles of lowland Nepal. A rafting trip will certainly be the highlight of any tourist’s visit to our country.

Nepal is a river runner's paradise – probably no other country has such a choice of multi-day trips, away from roads, in such magnificent mountainous surroundings, with warm rivers, a semi tropical climate, impressive geography, exotic cultures, wildlife and friendly welcoming people! Enjoy scenic rafting, one of the best ways to explore the typical cross section of natural as well cultural heritage of the country. One can glide on clean jade waters with magnificent scenery all around or rush through roaring white rapids. Rafting is inarguably the best way of exploring Arcadian Nepal, as it takes the participant through hamlets, canyons, virgin forests & wildlife. The rafting trip can be combined with most of our tour or trek programmes.