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Langtang - Helambu Trekking

On our trek we start in the lower Langtang Valley, trekking through its forests and among the villages and farmlands of its people, many of who are of Tibetan origin. Once an important trading route with Tibet, this influence is reflected in the character of the villages and peoples. During part of the trek you will be walking through National Park, and though wildlife is never easy to spot in a forest setting, there are chances of seeing some interesting animals and birds. Among those found in the park are monkeys, musk deer, pika and the national bird of Nepal, the colourful danphe.

From Langtang village, the track continues to Kyangjin Gompa (3,740 m). This is the site of the Yala Cheese Factory. There is a STOL airstrip at Chhaldang, a short distance east of Kyangjin. Visiting to the Yala Cheese Factory (4.633 m) and the small lakes beyond Yala are worthwhile. Yala can be reached within half a day from Kyangjin Gompa.

Trip Itinerary

Day 01 : Sundarajil to Chisopani Altitude: 1,379 metres- 2,200 metres ; Time (excluding rests) : 4 hours 45 minutes

Day 02 : Chisopani to Chipling Danda
Altitude: 2,200 metres-2,394 metres ; Time (excluding rests): 4 hours 25 minutes

Day 03 : Chipling Danda to Mangengoth
Altitude:2,394 metres-3,220 metres ; Time (excluding rests): 6 hours 45 minutes

Day 04 : Mangengoth to Tharapeti
Altitude: 3,220 metres- 3,609 metres; Time (excluding rests): 2 hours 10 minu

Day 05 : Tharapeti to Laurebina Phedi
Altitude: 3,609 metres-3,641 metres ; Time (excluding rests): 4 hours 20 minutes

Day 06: Laurebina Phedi to Gosainkund via the Laurebina Pass
Altitude:3,641 metres-4,321 metres; Time (excluding rests): 4 hours 20 minutes

Day 07: Gosainkund to Laurebina Yak
Altitude: 4,321 metres- 4,026 metres ; Time (excluding rests): 1 hour 10 minutes

Day 08 : Laurebina Yak to Syabru
Altitude: 4,026 metres-2,350 metres; Time (excluding rests): 2 hours 55 minutes

Day 09: Syabru to Remche
Altitude:2,350 metres-2,557 metres ; Time (excluding rests): 4 hours 20 minutes

Day 10 : Remche to Langtang Village
Altitude: 2,557 metres-3,673 metres ; Time (excluding rests): 5 hours 15 minutes

Day 11: Langtang Village to Kanjin Gompa
Altitude: 3,673 metres-3,920 metres ; Time (excluding rests): 2 hours 30 minutes

Day 12: Kanjin Gompa to Langshisha Kharka and back
Altitude: 3,920 metres-4,131 metres ; Time (excluding rests): 8 hours 10 minutes

Day 13: Remche to Syabru Bensi
Altitude: 2,557 metres-1,400 metres ; Time (excluding rests): 4 hours

Day 14: Syabru Bensi to Kathmandu (By Bus)
Altitude: 1,400 metres-1,300 metres ; Time (excluding rests): 10 hour