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Trekking in Nepal

You wake up and get your morning tea served in the tent. Outside a bucket of hot water for washing, a good breakfast and of course the Himalayas are waiting for you. The food will be different from day to day - porridge, pancakes, egg or müsli.
Once you have filled your water bottle, the walk begins. We walk in a calm tempo, stop often to enjoy the mountains, forests, villages and temples. The guide explains about the culture and nature.

After a few hours of walking it is time for lunch. We chose a beautiful place for the break. Warm food is waiting for you. The chef and the kitchen boys have walked ahead and made spaghetti, soup, spring rolls or any other warm dish. The portions are always large and made by a chef who puts hygiene and quality before anything else.

After tea or coffee it is time for another three hours of walking. Then you will arrive at a carefully chosen camping spot. We choose to stay on beautiful places, but we NEVER compromise with safety and environmental thinking. The tent is already there - the porters have been walking ahead. You have plenty of time to rest, wash, think or explore the area by yourself before it is time for dinner.

The dinner starts with some snacks - fresh popcorn, papadams or something similar. A good soup is followed by a warm dish - every day offers new surprises of Nepalese as well as western food.

With a full moon and a Himalayan sky with glistering stars over your head you crawl into the tent. Your backpack is of course already there together with Highlanders warm sleeping bags
Next morning a new adventure is waiting for you...

Camping Trekking
Described above is a normal day on a camping trek. You will have a skilled guide explaining the culture, society and the nature where you walk. A cook preparing very nutrisious food and other crew members to carry equipment and food. You will only have to carry your own daypack and camera. This will give you plenty of time to enjoy the nature, relax and think.

Teahouse Trekking
In popular trekking areas there are lodges and inns run by the local people where you can eat and sleep. You just trek together with a guide. He will show and tell you about the most beautiful and interesting places.

Mountaineering / Peak Climbing Tours
Highlander has organized many peak climbing and is working to give up-to date information to climbers. Contact us for information about certain peaks and other details.