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Factors for the Visitors


Nepal's climate consists of a dry season (October to May) and the monsoon season (June to September). Nepal is at its most beautiful at the very start of the dry season from September to November, when the monsoons have left the countryside green and lush.


Nepal observes numerous holidays, so it is important to check the holiday calendar. Government offices observe all the national holidays and banks observe the majority of them. Businesses observe major holidays only.


Accommodation in Nepal is cheap. Nepal's reasonably priced budget hotels, and the lavish and luxurious star hotels will surprise you on just how far your money can go in this country. Some hotels extend special discounts for reservations made through their websites, for reservations made for a group, and for reservations during off tourism season. Be sure to visit their website and look discounts. It is also ok to ask for discounts, even if you didn't find that information on their website. Also, be sure to check if room rates include 13% Value Added Tax (VAT), and 2% Tourism Tax, as they have to be paid also. If you haven't booked your travel package, get an idea of how much it will cost if your Hotel's Travel Desk were to arrange it for you. Sometimes, you get even an better deal for combining accommodation and travel package from one single source.


Nepal is 5 hours and 45 minutes ahead of Greenwich Median Time (GMT).


Nepalese Rupees (in short Rs or NRS ), Traveler's Cheque, Visa Card , Master Card and other international cards are accepted in Nepal. Credit cards are widely accepted in hotels, restaurants and shopping centers. Travelers' cheques are also accepted at banks, hotels and prominent shopping centers. Nepalese money notes have interesting sizes and colors