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The ADARSH TOURS, TREKS AND EXPEDITION  team extent a very warm Jenpa Legso (welcome) to all travelers planning a visit to Bhutan, the Thunder Dragon Kingdom.

ADARSH TOURS, TREKS AND EXPEDITION  This is the “Last Shangrila,”, and as such, it will provide all our guests with enchanting experiences and special memories of a country that has no equal.

Bhutan will open up new horizons for you, as Raven tours guide you through an unusual, varied and highly fascinating series of new experiences.
In addition to escorting you through classical cultural sites, we also provide adventure tours such as rafting and mountain biking, flower tours, bird watching tours, study tours, festival tours, religious tours and photography and trekking tours.

We have also earned a special reputation for successfully meeting the challenges of the many varied requests received by our guests. Such requests have included a trip to the local Karaoke center, an impromptu Archery competition, a visit to a farm house to taste the local cuisine, a stone hot “tub” bath, a visit to a local fashion show, and even a meeting with monks followed by a meditation experience. Raven Tours leaves no stone unturned in an attempt to meet your needs, no matter how unusual- we have even been known to arrange successful honeymoons- such is the scope and diversity of our interest and expertise.


Bhutan is situated in the Eastern Himalayas to the East of Nepal, the Indian State of Sikkim, and the Southern Border of China.

The kingdom has been independent throughout its history, building on a unique cultural base of Buddhism, and the pursuit of Gross National Happiness. It opened its doors to the modern world in the early 1960’s, and it is only very recently that today’s tourism has begun to be seen in what many call The Last Shangrila.

The majesty of the snow laden Himalayan Mountain, rising abruptly from the plains of the Indian subcontinent, remains a spectacular site that has few parallels.